the challenge

Today there are not haptic technologies especially designed for the automotive applications. The few that do exist, require high voltages or are very expensive or age fast. This is why we designed a haptic feedback tech optimized for the automotive applications, for the first time. EVER. Come to see the future

the IDEA

We designed a haptic feedback system totally configurable by software to give you the same feeling and the same function of a switch, a rotary wheel, a knob and much more …
So simple yet so elegant


The TOUCH 4D is a tech developed in 4 dimensions: the plan (X and Y, as every touch system),
the pressure (Z, because when you press it, you press in the vertical direction) and
the haptic feedback that the surface gives you, slightly going up and down or vibrating. It is low cost, low voltages and it does not age

Niceclick explaned by one of its creators

Simone Calissano is one of the young engineers behind the Niceclick technology


When your finger touches the surface, it applies a force. Such force is measured and when reaches certain values, the Niceclick servomotor will react, giving to your finger the so-called "haptic feedback". The haptic feedback is nothing but a controlled movement of the surface that you have just touched

It is almost imperceptible to the naked eye, but very effective to the tact

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