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Niceclick is an ambitious project developed by Trama engineering. It consists of a clever idea: use a sophisticated TOUCH 4D system in the car. That is possible because Niceclick tech is very safe and intuitive, so you will not be distracted while you are driving

Niceclick was developed by Simone Calissano, a very young and talented engineer, from an idea of Flavio Cerruti, the chief of Trama and an engineer himself. Then, with the help and cooperation of all the members of Trama, this project really came to life

The headquarters is in Alba (North West of Italy) in one of the most important squares of the town. Alba is a very famous touristic site in the UNESCO area, famous for vineyards landscapes. Come to visit us


Haptics is any form of interaction involving touch. In our case, it means that if you touch something on a surface, you will really have the feeling of touching and pressing it because a specific tactile sensation will be perceived. In a car this is not only a nice feature, it really helps while you are driving, providing a drive without any distraction

The TOUCH 4D is a tech developed in 4 dimentions: the plan (X and Y, as every touch system), the depth (Z, because when you press it, the force is measured and managed by the software) and the feedback that the surface gives you, slightly going up and vibrating

The haptic technology, or TOUCH 4D, is an evolution of the normal touch we are used to. This tech is expecially studied to give you a feedback similar to a push button. But there are even other feature that we added, for example the "slide" mode, to scroll a list on your screen

Most of the haptic tech were developed for hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. That kind of haptics involves hands, not only a finger. It is clear that automotive devices are not hand-held because they are attached to the car chassis. Niceclick development started from this point: develop an haptic tech optimized for just one finger

Niceclick technology is made up by few elements: some elastics material, an electro-magnetic engine, two simple sensors. The real power of the technology is inside the software and the control strategies, derived from robotics applications

It is a lower voltage than any other haptic system: 12 volt

The previous haptic technologies do not have the same characteristics of Niceclick. Here are some comparison.



Definitely yes! There are not any risk for the users

No, of course, and this is the power of Niceclick. Because of the feedback it gives you, it will be very easy for you to recognize the "push button" you want to press, even without looking at it


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